Thursday, October 29, 2009

...on naming convention

behold y'alls!

behold the power of the internets

the bastard reads your letters.

he really does.

every time one of you jerks drops a comment, the bastard reads it.

it's important to know what your 5 readers think.

sometimes, you need correct.

and sometimes the bastard needs correct.

anyways, i recently got a comment from a post i did in april of 2008. coincidentally, it is named the same name as this post i did last week. so going forward, i think the phrase "everything is coming up bastard" will be a label instead.

but i digress, the comment was a response to the thread in the comments window in which i had mused to my brother about the whereabouts of a music teacher we both had in junior high school.

and said commenter informed me that he still walks the earth. although this man's custom made ba-sax (in which he would shove the mouthpiece of a bassoon into an alto sax for more screechy enjoyment) has been traded in for the shakuhachi, he still plays.

and he's out there.

and it brought up the handful of decent memories that i had of junior high school.

thanks stranger, you made an old bastard remember good things.

—the bastard

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