Thursday, April 11, 2013

all his engines…

the bastard likes himself some comic books.

that said, neither of my kids are going to get to read them until they hit eighteen.

my taste in panels has moved on from costumed jackaninnies who fight crime…

not that I DON'T read them…

but my preference has been from vertigo for the most part with a few volumes of hellboy from dark horse Comice which I'll let the boy read if he's ready for horror and having nightmares about sleeping gods and shoggoths. and that just means too much sex and violence you young folks.

but speaking of shoggoths, vertigo recently absorbed my favorite character john constantine, back into its parent company's main imprint with dc's new 52.

with this they ended the long running series I loved to read about my favorite supernatural con man.

it was kind of sad because unlike many comic book characters, they let home age and they closed out the series with Constantine hiding out from the fates in a pub in Liverpool at the age of 60.

it was more shocking because since I don't follow the business, I had no idea they ended the series until the last page.

it was kind of sad as I've sort of grown old with the man.

but I can safely say after 300 issues, they definitely need to produce a tv series about the trenchcoat wearing magus from Liverpool who sold his soul to three different devils in order to cure himself of lung cancer.


—the bastard

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