Monday, December 12, 2005

...on bear skins and stone knives

you know,

technology is a wonderful thing.

it get's you out of bed on time.

makes you your morning coffee.

cleans up after you.

makes your job easier.

sometimes it don't. and now the bastard is tired. had to switch to a new way of doing things and in an ocean of things that caused the machine to break down, technology broke down as well. damn. now the bastard feels broken down. this is not how i wanted to go christmas shopping tonight. now i might just scrap it and go to bed. stupid technology, be more technological.

—the bastard


Anonymous said...

It's like I always say--technology sux, let's all go back to dirt farming. DIRT FARMING!!!

But it does make a nice cuppa joe.


bastard central said...

nad in those day we used to eat turkey which in those days was called walking bird. so we'd eat walking bird and then watch football which in those days was called baseball.