Friday, March 10, 2006

...on submissions

...and how they sometimes write their own material

so the other day the bastard was checking the old inbox, cleaning out the spam that mostly consists these days of mail from telling that people i once knew were looking for me and for $19.95 a month i can find out who they are (fuck that), when i come across this wonderful wonderful gem from art school who reports to us from fortress hotlanta:

subj: If you liked the Use Me monkey...

You're gonna love this one. I didn't even see that the man from hotlanta had taken this until I downloaded the very last of his photos.

Yours truly,

Art school

Now the bastard feels that their are two ways one could go with this one. we could go all the way lowbrow and make some comment about how at least when you go to india you know where to find the wild ass in that town but, i feel that good travelogue pix like this write their own material. sometimes you have to do an artists recreation as the bastard had to do over the summer when he saw the holiest semi in america but, i feel that this one stands up on it's own. thanks art school, i laughed my ass off when i saw this and thank your man when you get a chance.

—the bastard

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