Saturday, June 17, 2006

...on doggy bunx

dean thrilla and his brother k-love always roll into camp the day after the rest of us show up. it's almost tradition. you see dean works at as the day manager of a noteworthy bar on long island and he sometimes doesn't get off until 8pm so he and his bro always get up at 4 in the morning and maybe stop by the waterfall on the way up but this wasn't the case this year. so this year it was fishing by some stop where we can't really quantify when the thrillas show up. you see they will insist they got up at 4am whether or not his wife tells us they didn't leave queens until 5:30 am. it's all part of the game, just like dean's classy entrance to the site.

fast forward, 4:30pm: dean's had a few and he needs something out of his car and apparently he trips and falls into the car. he can't get up on his own power so he flops around on the passenger seat like a fish out of water. i walked by around 5 to see him still struggling and i thought he was reaching for something. after a while, he gives up and falls asleep with his legs still outside of the car, getting rained on. at 6 we start up dinner. k-love is grilling meats on the campfire. "one of youse guys need to wake up my brother"

"i'll get on it", replies the bastard

so i stroll up to the car and poke him in the arm. dean's eventually gotten his legs into the car and he's full on sleeping.

"dean dinner's on. dean! dinner's on" thrilla rolls over and pulls his shirt over his head.

fast forward, 7:30pm: jonny airplanes tries next. walks up to the car opens the door and proceeds to put his hand over his mouth and pinch his nose. eventually he gets a response.


"you wanna get something to eat"

"i wanna get me some sleep"

"you want a doggy bag"

"yeah". as he drifts on back to dreamland, "gimme some doggy bunx". jon leaves him a plate full of food on the drivers seat.

fast forward, 10:00pm: dean thrilla returns to the land of the living. half a cord of wood is gone. he walks like a man just shot out of a cannon.

"where the hell is all the wood?"

"dean it's 10 o'clock."

"bullshit, where's the wood? is dinner ready?"

"dean it's 10 o'clock", the bastard flashes his watch. a look of realization comes across dean'sa face.

"is there any food left?"

"i made you a plate of doggy bunx. it's in the car. on the drivers seat"

"doggy bunx?"

"doggy bunx. don't you remember asking for some doggy bunx before drifting off again?"

"what the hell? felt like i slept for like 10 minutes. doggy bunks, huh?" he springs back to the car to find his foil wrapped plate still a little warm. settles down into his chair and chows down. "mmmmmmm, doggy bunx".

doggy bunx, indeed. he was back in bed so fast his empty plate was still spinning when we were wondering where he had gotten off to. the man can sleep

—the bastard

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