Saturday, July 22, 2006

...on the u turn

...or how the bastard likes to thwart mother nature

so yesterday morning after a week long culmination of not getting to bed at 1AM coupled with my thursday night dinner of tequila with scoop and susie kansas, the bastard hasn't made it to work on time save for once all week. and friday was no different. i get the connection in jamaica and what was sunny(ish) 10 mintues away in queens village was notsomuch with the sunny. i grab my ride on the manhattan bound and find yet another guy from long island whose bag needs a seat and i had to take "that" one. shut up, everyone's gotta have a hobby and abstinence doesn't really count now does it?

anyway, i tuck in and "boom", the bastard goes down like old soviet union. sleeping straight on til we hit the tunnel so i didn't notice rain starting. once getting out of penn, it's pissing out and all the working girls from longh giland have forgotten their umbrellas. you'd think that for 10-15 minutes a day everyone could take their eyes off of bloddy american idol of whatever teh hell is lobotmizing america these days and check the goddam weather. then again there were two homelss guys doing brisk business selling umbrellas they've found on the street or whatever for 4 and 3 bucks respectively. so since this vestibule was full of very whiny people and it did smell a great deal like pee again, i decided to pull the u turn and rethink this shit. truth to tell, i had an umbrella but it was raining like the hammers of hell. so i hop on the uptown 1 train, take the east bound 7 train and take the downtown 6 train to where it dumps me 35 feet from the front door of killing stuff monthly's offices. i get out umbrella in hand and the rain has stopped. it may not be nice to fool with mother nature but. it sure as shit is nice to thwart her, sweet. more this weekend jerks, i feel the muse moving me. must be all the coffee...or is it the angel dust? you decide

—the bastard

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