Thursday, October 16, 2008

...on the dry run

so for the last couple of days, the bastard has been waiting for one of killing stuff monthly's photographers to send me some photos that i'll be using this month.

because sometimes reuse is than booking your own photoshoot.

what can i say? fuck art, i'd rather keep a job. times is tough bitches.

but seriously, this guy has great pieces and it's great reuse that helps the bastard sleep at night.

that and several strong drinks.

what'd you expect? fucking life lessons?

yeah, drink some liquor.

get some sleep. ta DAH!

anyway, in the interim, i've been plugging away at other parts of selling bullets, a supplement my ladyfriend needed help with, as well as some of the devil's work. but today as i finished up with my run at the supplement, i realized that some goofballs from the downtown office will be up here next week to show us how the new system works.

new system? what new system bastard?

well young shiteyes, i won't bother you with the details,

mostly because i don't want to get fired for divulging too much of my companies inner workings but,

we have a new system.

and we're gonna start using it on the gun show dailies.

so i've started on them. and with a great heaving sigh, the bastard begins anew his yearly quest towards the careful balance between working efficiently and working drunk. speed the plow mutha grabbas.




—the bastard

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