Friday, December 31, 2010

please exit…

did the bastard ever tell you about the time he ran the same feature hes been running since 2005?


well, tough tits jerks. it goes like this. so for the viewers just tuning in for the greatest hits package, this year:

the band got back together. and it fucking rocked.

it snowed like hell out.

otaku came back into my life...hahd.

it was like it never left.

i had decided that i could live without the thorough borough, only to find that the bastard could never really quit that place.

i went through the time machine many times. this one was more inneresting than most.

won some bullshit awards. only to have a little bit of dignity taken away from me. although, i;ve gotten better about the whole walking into work thinking that today's the day thing.

i ate a pig. it was SOME PIG.

i got married again. almost without my pants.

i discovered most importantly, that my son really gets me. and i feel richer for knowing this.

the bastard continues to rock the haterade for the bicycling community. because they still don't get it, son.

queens got laid to waste.

i did touristy shit...with real tourists.

got a mcrib. i will reiterate that it was good.

i made your asses street wise.

oh yeah...and it fucking snowed again...HAHD.

so there is is in a pile of frikkin nutshells.

also, the mofo skipped town, my daughter learned to walk and talk and drive a frikkin semi. and i got this thing done early so that at the time i usually do this, i can eat my damn ribs and wait for some jackass to get taken down by the po po's for trying to light up a suitcase while yelling some inane shit about the great satan. at least the bastard is going out with ribs in his gut and proabably a good tomorrow to go with it.

so in the words of sherman t., goodbye 2010, and welcome 2011, let's hope that your a sight better than the last one. have a good one jerks

—the bastard

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