Friday, October 13, 2006

...on office space

so late last month, the bastard had mentioned that he liked his new tent so much, that he was thinking of subletting out his two bedrooms for some extra pocket money. i decided that with winter coming, this might be a better warm weather option. and besides, i have ample side crap that will send me to that special hell that is reserved for marketing execs. so anyway, after what was a cramped commute, i get in to find five dollar johnny and willy dub setting up a tent in the office. now i know that our publishing group is up on the block (the bastard doesn't like to discuss pertinent office business but that's kind of public domain about now, look it up, jerk), and killing stuff monthly is down a few pwople but, i had no idea that we were now strapped for office space. oh well, it looks like the bastard will have to trade in his cubicle for something a little bit more cozy.

that said, i'm going into the woods this weekend. the bastard hasn't had much of a vacation as he's been spending his time working excessively and not making headway. and i didn't want to vacation while living with the rents (it's depressing), so, camping is my inexpensive escape. so the bastard will be heading up north with the regulars and as a bonus, the mofo has flown up from purgatory for his bi-annual adirondack fix. so, i'll be back later with more tales of hot toddies and doggie bunx. try to get along without me, ok? come on, i'm sure you can like, watch the mets or some crap or read a book or something.

—the bastard

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