Thursday, December 31, 2009

blinded by the light

well, the bastard likes to do this before the clock turns 12 and the apocalypse happens. it's been a busy fucking year for me. this year was the first calendar year i sat as the AD of killing stuff monthly but there's more.

some folks left the fold.

the bastard ran into sam watterston not once but, twice.

with a heavy heart, i left the thorough borough for a grab at happiness.

the bastard saw some shit about zombies.

i had some parenting moments that were hard.

i crashed the bike.

the bastard discovered that there is devil worship going on in fresh direct's ad department.

secret oatmeal alien invasions.

rolled it with the homies.

found the greatest happy hour in america.

i bitched alot about my loss.

shot some guns.

i got robbed.

the mofo and i drove to kansas city and back and if i kick tomorrow, i can go to ground saying it might have been the best ride of my life in a four wheeled box.

and it ruined the bastard for barbecue for the rest of his life.

but we got home in one piece.

the chairman reminded me of the memory of a good man and how we are rudderless without him sometimes.

i went shopping with a viking. and it made me wanna steal.

went on holiday with my lady and the boy. we felt like a family.

got back to nature.

met up with old friends and was surprised.

got a beer in st louis again.

i got my faith restored.

postponed the universe.

went shooting some more.

we had a baby. A BABY. again.

got a trident.

watched some guys make a difference.

almost got into a fight in the old hood.

and a place that was near and dear to the bastard went out with a whimper. or was it new management.

so it wasn't a bad year. pretty damn good by my standards except for the crashing and the down economy.

i ended the year going to the burg to see the chairman's new digs nd they were majestic. and there's more to come. see ya ten minutes ago jerks. some silicone sister with a manager mister told me I got what it takes.

—the bastard

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